downtown series

Sizes | 2 Finishes | 3 Colours 

Downtown Series presents a modern & industrial concrete look rectified tiles, completes with realistic cast concrete mimicry details of aggregate pieces dispersed sporadically across each tile.

Explore Downtown's unique sizes and finishes to covet desirable contemporary ambience.

Available Sizes:

  • Downtown Ash:

    • 800mm x 800mm - matte finish​

    • 600mm x 600mm - matte & lappato finish

    • 400mm x 800mm - lappato finish

    • 300mm x 300mm - matte finish

  • Downtown Earth

    • 600mm x 600mm - matte finish​

  • Downtown Graphite

    • 600mm x 600mm - lappato finish​

*Availabilities are subject to change

downtown ash 

Downtown Ash.jpg

downtown earth

Downtown Earth.jpg

downtown graphite

Downtown Graphite.jpg