marvel pro series

Sizes | 3 Finishes | Colours 

Marvel Pro Series presents marble effect tiles that emulate natural patterns of the finest marble stone. 


The Marvel Pro Series invites you to experience  the distinctive look of marble with characteristics of porcelain tiles. Elevating the space with refine elegance.


Available Sizes

  • Marvel Pro Noir:

    • 300mm x 600mm - lappato finish​

    • 450mm x 900mm - honed finish

    • 600mm x 600mm - matte finish

    • 750mm x 1500mm - lappato finish

    • 1200mm x 2780mm - lappato finish

  • Marvel Pro Statuario:

    • 300mm x 600mm - matte finish​

    • 450mm x 900mm - matte & lappato finishes

    • 600mm x 600mm - matte finish

*Availabilities are subject  to change

marvel pro noir


marvel pro statuario