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Versailles Series

1 Sizes | 1 Finish | 2 Colours

The Versailles Ezio embraces a fleur-de-lys type motif with a highly detailed mosaic-like inlays. When peiced together, the Ezio creates an intricate and truly unique pattern that is sure to leave lasting impressions. Both the Ezio and the Attano are designed to create beautiful and impressive patterns when laid correctly. With an impressive wet pendulum test rating of P5, the Versailles collection brings an old world grandeur to life with all the features and luxury of modern tile technology.
The Versailles collection is an ultra high performance tile. Boasting an impressive wet pendulum slip rating of P5 the Versailles range is suitable for use outdoors and around swimming pools

Available Sizes:

  • Versailles Attano 

           ○ 200mm x 200mm - Textured finish

  • Versailles Ezio 

           ○ 200mm x 200mm - Textured finish


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