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Argil Crude Series

Argil Crude series

argil crude square


Argil Crude Arabesque

ARABESQUE - 3 no BG.jpg

Sizes | 1 Finish | 1 Colour

Argil Crude Series are handmade using traditional techniques. Each piece contains its own individual flaws as a result of the course material used, appearing as dark spots on each tile. This further accentuate the irregularities giving rustic and handcrafted imperfect charm to any project.


Available in 2 formats, Arabesque and Square to achieve your desired look.


It is crucial to keep in mind of the uneven nature inherent to the Argil Crude Series when considering the applications and usage.

*Availabilities are subject to change

Available Sizes

  • Argil Crude Arabesque:

    • 155mm x 175mm - matte finish

  • Argil Crude Square: 

    • 150mm x 150mm  - matte finish​

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