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Zellige Raw Series

Zellige RAW series

raw terracotta moroccan subway 


raw terracotta moroccan square


Sizes | 1 Finish | 1 Colour

Zellige Raw Series offers raw terracotta tiles that has been used throughout history and remains a classic. While trends shifts and become obsolete terracotta tiles contradicts current styles making it an investment with utilitarian advantages.

Prized for its unique faces, the manual and handcrafted look  that offsets well with myriad of other materials to infuse earthiness and softness to your overall palette.


Zellige Raw Series is versatile in its application making it suitable for wall and floor usage, as well as internal and external applications. Treatment and sealant is highly recommended before or after laying. 

*Availabilities are subject to change

Available Sizes

  • Zellige Raw Terracotta Moroccan Square:

    • 100mm x 100mm - matte finish

  • Zellige RawTerracotta Moroccan: 

    • 65mm x 200mm x 16mm - matte finish​

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