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Craftsman Terrazzo Series

craftsman terrazzo

Size | Finish | 3 Colours

Craftsman Terrazzo Series offers a unique option in terrazzo finish 18mm thickness and a double loaded porcelain format. A classic terrazzo look in atypical format encapsulating materials at random resulting in each individual tile piece's one of a kind assemblage.

Select from 3 unique colour compositions from the soft coral aggregated Kimberley to Hervey a serene grey with a touch of warmth with pops of yellow and Esperance's dynamism corresponding to a mix of scales in relation to translucency of ingrained material fragments.

Due to the inherent nature of natural stones embedded within the tiles, sealant is highly recommended to avoid staining.

Available Size

  • Craftsman Terrazzo Kimberley:

    • 300mm x 300mm​

  • Craftsman Terrazzo Hervey:

    • 300mm x 300mm​

  • Craftsman Terrazzo Esperance:

    • 300mm x 300mm​

*Availabilities are subject to change

Craftsman Terrazzo Kimberley


Craftsman Terrazzo Hervey


Craftsman Terrazzo esperance

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